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GeneXus X Evolution 2 has been released!
Please take a look at GeneXus X Evolution 2 for general info.

If you already know all about  Beta 4 and its latest night builds you are in the right place; if not, please take a look at GeneXus X Evolution 2 first. This page is intended to show the main differences between Beta 4 and RC.

RC - Release Candidate

With GeneXus X Evolution 2 RC we take a big step towards the objective outlined by the previous betas: a revolution in Smart Devices development and an evolution in Web development.

Regarding Smart Devices development and the resulting applications: RC eases the learning curve for SD development, adds power and flexibility to UI design, and strengthens the architecture of these apps.

Regarding Web development, pages are generated using HTML5 and CSS3 by default. Fields based on domains like Phone, Email, Address and others are automatically generated using HTML5-specific tags, improving user experience in all supported devices and browsers, and leveraging specific devices' features related to these tags. Also, SEO, traffic, and performance in general has been improved.

Not only is it fully compatible with GeneXus X Evolution 1 Upgrade 7, but also beats it in all, features, bug fixes, performance, and ease of use..

Some sample applications generated with Genexus X Evolution 2 RC


To show something of the power, a new version of Pesobook has been released: the HTML5 edtion to the Web, and the Smart Devices edition to the Apple appstore and Android market

Knowledge Base: Pesobook

Community Wiki

The Community Wiki (the one showing this page!) has been updated to X Evolution 2.
Workforce needed: just a Rebuild All + deploy!

The process involves getting the updates from the  Knowledge Base, propagate the changes using change defender and update the Community Wiki KB and rebuild!

Camino a Brasil 2014 (by I+DEV)

All about the south american 2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil Qualifiers.

Aeropuerto de Carrasco (by I+DEV)

Information about flights to and from Carrasco International Airport, Montevideo, Uruguay. You can subscribe to flights and get notifications on any status changes.

Basic Invoicing Sample
The result of defining the structure of 4 transactions (Country,Client,Product,Invoice) + applying workwith Pattern.

Knowledge Base: BasicInvoicing


Cartelera (by Montevideo COMM)
Movie-theater billboard of Uruguay (by I+DEV)
Mobile version of the site
There are more samples here GeneXus X Evolution 2 Samples

Specific changes in RC

New features for Smart Devices:

  • New editors for Events, Conditions and variables and syntax for Events in Smart Devices Objects: similarity to standard GeneXus objects eases the learning curve considerably.
  • Standard Start and Load events supported in each panel allow server side processing:
    • Dynamic or variable calls support added. More Information...
    • Composite blocks let you condition the execution of nested commands in a declarative way. More Information...
    • Return, Confirm(), link(), Refresh , msg() commands support added.
    • Class and Visible properties can be set in runtime.
  • Structured data types (SDT) can be loaded in Start or Load Events and displayed in layouts, and grids (with the same range of controls -maps, lists, paged, &c- as any other grid). More Information...
  • Multiple grids (nested or not) per layout support added.
  • Default Themes have been added and their classes are assigned by default to controls in layouts so that changing design is much easier. More Information...
  • New properties and classes in Themes, Themes support improved.
  • New built-in Controls: SparkLine, Leaves, and Magazine Viewer to make Flipboard like apps
  • Caching using SQLite on the client side plus server side intelligence to minimize traffic and enable offline read-only scenarios. Caching can be enabled or disabled, checking for new data can be delayed, or forced, etc. More Information...
  • Refresh Timeout Lapse property added in order to automatically refresh screens with time-sensitive data (such as stock market information). More Information...
  • Security: (GAM)
    • Authentication with Twitter and Facebook.
    • Authentication on request: for applications that need to identify the user only for particular operations, but can be browsed by non-registered users.
    • REST services security enhanced: specify which methods (execute, insert, update, delete) each service supports.
    • Caching can be disabled for security reasons.
    • Roles and Permissions based authorization.  More Information
  • New Client information API: Access to Device information has been added in order to identify the different devices, enable multitenant scenarios, etc.
  • Dynamic combo boxes (with or without filters) support added. Makes use of dynamic combo boxes in the Country / State / City scenario possible.
  • REST services send date time fields in UTC and the client side converts it to local times using device's settings enabling globally available applications.
  • Some rules of Business Components (noaccept(), <expression> if insert;, default()) are taken into account when showing the layouts too.

Features that now are supported in more platforms

  • Client Side
    • Android: Tab Control support added.
    • Android: SD Paged grid implemented. More Information...
    • iOS: Sections can be shown as Tabs.
  • Server Side
    • Java and .NET: Geolocation API functions implemented.

Web GeneXus X Evolution 2 Web Application Development

  • New default design using HTML5 and CSS3 features, creating HTML5-compliant pages. 
  • New On Session Timeout property.
  • New DateTime storage property to set the TimeZone in which dates and times are stored, in order to show them in local time using device's settings. More Information...
  • GAM adds Authorization to Authentication, in .NET and Java. More Information
  • HTML traffic optimizations.
  • Performance improvements in Javascript and AJAX.
  • Encoding algorithm changed (encoding is 60% faster in IE and User Events may run up to 20% faster).
  • New Static Content Expiration property (allows browser cache static content or not) for Java (Tomcat 5.5 or higher), Ruby and  .Net (IIS7 or higher).
  • SEO improvements related to links in grids.
  • Semantic domains in web: Geolocation, Address, Component, URL, Email, HTML, Phone. More Information...
  • QueryViewer: charts can be rendered in jscript + HTML (in order to not require flash).  More Information...
  • .NET: New IIS Version property in order to facilitate deployment to IIS 7 servers.
  • .NET: Integrated Pipeline support.


  • New Add-in Manager to manage your extensions, user controls, patterns and be up to date with GeneXus' marketplace.
  • GXserver: Locking support enhanced. More Information...
  • GXflow Client: new interfaces with statistics with team performance, individual performance, task and process analysis.
  • GXflow: selective deployment of business processes.
  • GXflow: labels on connectors, gateways and events.
  • GXflow: notification is sent when a new version of a business process is impacted.

And a lot of fixes and improvements to existing features.

(See GeneXus X Evolution 2 Beta Night Builds)

Take a look at the GeneXus X Evolution 2 Samples to get the most out of this version.

Keep following the Twitter hashtag #xev2beta to get instant news.

And now, let's keep making ideas happen!

Steps to update your Beta 4 to RC 

0) Backup your Beta 4 installation by copying the installation folder.
You will be later be able to open it by executing first GeneXus.exe /install and then GeneXus.exe /nolastkb

1) Download RC from

2) Uninstall Beta 4 and install RC

3) If you want to convert your Knowledge bases built with Beta 4, take into account these Steps to Update your X Evolution 2 Beta 4 KB to RC

5) Enjoy!

6) Learn  from provided  Examples.

7) Keep sending feedback to the Beta testers Forum and stay tuned.

RC Temporary restrictions
The smart devices generator for BlackBerry is being continously improved through the nightbuild process. A Release Candidate of it is to be available in January.
The Knowledge base Navigator available at Apple's Appstore cannot load apps generated by RC since the generated metadata schema changed.  A new one will be available soon

Take a look here.


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