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The best apps are exposed in !

This is a secondary list of cases and samples, web sites and smart devices applications built with GeneXus X Evolution 2. In many cases there are links to the Knowledge Bases from which they were built too, so that you can learn by samples too.

Some of them are detailed too in or even in

PesoBook  (by GeneXus Labs, @njodal)
To show something of the power, a new version of Pesobook has been released: the HTML5 edtion to the Web, and the Smart Devices edition to the Apple appstore and leading Android markets.

 Knowledge Base and more info: Pesobook


Banco Caja Social Móvil (by Banco Caja Social, Colombia)
Download the FREE application to conduct inquiries, payments, transfers and locate our nearest service points from your cell phone easily and comfortably.


APTModSD Beta (by Alejandro Rinaldi)
Android front end for your CivIV BTS APTMod Games. Any pitboss game played with this mod you will be able to check your time remaining , scores and events in the game just into your android device.
EXITOnline (by DevXtend)
EXITO Online is an easy and quick way to follow the evolution of your weight. Only for clients of Elbaum Clinic

Westside Auto (by GeneXus USA)
Westside Land Rover & Jaguar is the best place to find the best selection vehicles..
Family Health Manager (by GeneXus Labs, @apanizza)
Family Health Manager is a simple free app that lets you keep track of your family's medical appointments, health symptoms, medical reccomendations and prescribed medications.
Marke (by Marke S.A. de C.V. )
Marke is a mexican store specialized in high quality products through catalogs and digital media. Our focus is provide the best prices and total customer satisfaction.
Metro DF (by GeneXus Labs)
Shows all the information about the lines and subway stations of Mexico City. This application calculates the posible routes between two stations and displays the directions and stations for each route.
InformationWeek Brasil (by IT Mídia S/A)
Mobile version of the site.


Mi Cava (by GeneXus Labs, @ewgarcia)
Wine catalog


GeneXus Events (by GeneXus Labs)
GeneXus Events happen all around the world. Schedule an event or invite friends.

Knowledge Base and info: GeneXusEvents


Beneficios (by GeneXus Labs)
Check out what Benefits and discounts you can get from different providers, shops and stores.
Knowledge Base and more info: Benefits


MyCowbook (by GeneXus Labs)
The secure version of Cowbook.
Knowlege Base and more info: MyCowBook


GeneXus Marketplace (by Artech)
All you need to enhance your development with GeneXus.
(Site updated to X Evolution 2 by just doing a rebuld all + eliminating a user control for a feature that is now built-in)
Community Wiki (by Artech)
The Community Wiki (the one showing this page!) has been updated to X Evolution 2.
  • Web:

Workforce needed: just a Rebuild All + deploy! The process involved getting the updates from the Knowledge Base, propagate the changes using change defender and update the Community Wiki KB and rebuild!


Basic Invoicing Sample (by GeneXus Labs)
The result of defining the structure of 4 transactions (Country,Client,Product,Invoice) + applying workwith Pattern.

Knowledge Base: BasicInvoicing


Query Object Sample (by Artech)
The Query Object Sample is a basic "Car Dealer sample" to test the Query Object  and Query Viewer User Control.

Knowledge Base: Query Object sampleQuery Object sample

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