QueryViewer Chart Type property

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This property allows developers to select the type of chart to be used by the QueryViewer control when the Type property has the Chart value.


Column 3D Column
Column chart Column Chart 3D
Stacked column 3D Stacked column
Stacked colum Stacked colum 3D
100% Stacked column Bar
Stacked colum 100% Bar Chart Simple
Stacked bar 100% Stacked bar
Stacked bar Stacked bar 100%
Area Stacked area
Area chart Stacked area chart
100% Stacked area Smooth Area
Stacked area chart 100% Smooth area chart
Line Stacked Line
Line chart simple Stacked line chart
100% Stacked Line Smooth Line
Stacked line chart 100% Smooth line chart
Timeline Sparkline
Timeline chart simple Sparkline chart
Pie 3D Pie
Pie Chart simple Pie Chart 3D
Doughnut 3D Doughnut
Doughnut Chart simple Doughnut Chart 3D
Filled Radar Radar
Filled Radar Chart Radar Chart
Polar Area Column & Line
Polar Area Chart Column and Line simple
3D Column & Line Pyramid
Column and line 3D Pyramid Chart
Funnel Linear Gauge
Funnel Chart LinearGauge
Circular Gauge  



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