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The tab control is used to display a set of controls grouped in different tabs. It is supported in Abstract layouts.
Each tab has an implicit table inside that can be either a Responsive Table or a common Table control containing the controls in such tab page.

Tab control for web properties

Item Control Name 

  Control Name of each tab page.

Control Name

  Name of tab control.


Tab Control Appearance

Tab Control Class

Theme class associated to the tab control.

Tab Control Visible 

To hide or show the tab control.


Tab Behavior

History Management

“True” to enable automatic history management. When enabled, a new entry is added to the browser History every time that user clicks on a tab. When the user presses the browser's back button, the previous tab is activated, triggering the TabChanged event.


Tab Page Appearance


Text to be shown on the tab strip.


Runtime (only) Properties


 Active page index (first tab index is 1).

It's a property, used to ask whether a page is active or not. 


Active page control name.



Sets, as active, the tab page indicated as parameter.


Hides the tab page indicated as a parameter.


Shows the tab page indicated as a parameter.



Triggers an event upon selecting any tab page.

How to use the control

Drag the control from the toolbox to the abstract layout, as shown in the figure below:

Tab Control for web abstract layout

How to configure the Tab Control style 

Only for GeneXus 15, see : How to configure the Tab Control style on the WEB


The Tab control is used in the Work with Pattern for web when it has been generated using the Abstract layout. And it is used specifically in View Objects, as shown below:

Tab Control for web used in WW pattern