HowTo: Get a Bing map key

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To use Bing Maps in any compiled Windows Phone application, you must have an API Key from Bing. With the default key provided by GeneXus, the maps are shown with a white horizontal line when using the Maps Control Type or Geolocation domain.

This article explains how to obtain that key for your application.

First, we need to go to Bing Maps website and click on "Create or view keys". The following dialog will be displayed:

CreateKey info

Application name: The name of the windows phone application where maps will be used.

Application URL (optional): The application website

Key type: If it is Trial or Basic, select Basic to avoid the white horizontal line.

Application type: Select the application type (Public Windows Phone App, Private Windows Phone App, Public Website, etc).

After clicking on submit, the key will be created.

Bing keys

Note: For more information about LightCRM sample, go here

Next, go to GeneXus and paste the key on the "Bing Maps Key" property of your main SD object.