GeneXus 15 Java Generator

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The Java generator gives you the possibility to develop Java Web applications taking advantage of GeneXus 15.

This page shows features that only the Java generator ships or other special considerations . For features that are common to .NET refer to GeneXus 15 Web Generators.

Main Features

  • GeneXus Java generator creates Cloud Native solutions with GeneXus 15
  • Tomcat 9 support is added. See Tomcat 9 support
  • Some libraries for solving some functionalities (like XML reading and writing) have been removed from the standard classes (gxclassr.jar) and are distributed apart.
    These libraries are the following:
    • xercesimpl.jar (XML reading and writing)
    • commons-net-3.3.jar (FTP functions) and
    • commons-fileupload-1.3.2.jar (Blobs upload). 

            For more information, see External utilities used by GeneXus generated web applications.


  • A fix has been made to avoid the compilation error "Code too large", in web applications for freestyle grids that load many controls.

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