GeneXus Platform SDK

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GeneXus Extensions Software Development Kit is a collection of binaries, tools, samples, documentation, etc., related to the development of extensibility.

Check GeneXus Platform SDK Download for the latest versions.

Installation prerequisites 

  • Install GeneXus
  • Install Visual Studio 2015 or higher

GeneXus Platform SDK contains the following folders:


A subset of the GeneXus assemblies that may be referenced by your extensions.
Symbol files for GeneXus assemblies.


A wizard integrated into Visual Studio 2019 (or Visual Studio 2019 Professional) that may be used to create a starting package project. You'll find this wizard as a "GeneXus Package" option inside the New Project dialog in Visual Studio.


A wizard integrated into Visual Studio 2019 (or Visual Studio 2019 Professional) that may facilitate the creation and development of Patterns.


Work With - This folder contains the sources for the helper assemblies used in the Work With Patterns.
They are included for reference and you are free to modify them and distribute modified versions.


A collection of sample projects, showing different extension possibilities:


It's the same project you can create using the PackageBuilder wizard. It shows how to provide new object categories, new object types, new object part types, and new part editors.


This sample shows how to define new menu options and how to interact with all menu commands.


Shows how to add your own tool window to GeneXus.


Creates a sample MSBuild task. More info


Creates a new RTFText object similar to the Document object.

Daily Dilbert

Uses an XSL transformation over an RSS feed in order to show a daily Dilbert cartoon in a tool window.


Console application using the GeneXus Business Logic assemblies.


Note: These projects do not automatically deploy and register to GeneXus X. To try any of these extensions, you need to copy its DLL file to the Packages folder of GeneXus X, and then run GeneXus specifying (at least once) the /install command line option.


XML schema declaration files



This tool can be used in conjunction with a Catalog XML file to automate the deployment of your extension. See the catalog.xml file and how it is used in a project created with the PackageBuilder wizard. More info