Launchpad Tool Window

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Launchpad is a Tool Window within the GeneXus IDE that shows links to run certain objects of your Knowledge Base.

It is meant to facilitate the prototyping cycle, especially for web and native mobile apps and APIs.

It opens when you press F5 if you have not defined a Startup Object already. Also, you can select View > Other Tool windows > Launchpad in the GeneXus main menu and it will open.

The Launchpad contains three Tabs:


This tab shows web apps or pages you may want to prototype and lets you execute them in your default browser with just a click.

Specifically, it shows Main objects and some recently created objects that are not main so that you can prototype them.

The objects shown are web apps or pages that can run on a browser (i.e. they are generated with .NET.NET FrameworkJavaAngular).


For native apps, this tab offers:

  • For Apple: QR Code to download the KBN, QR Codes, and "Copy" button to access your apps.
  • For Android: QR Codes and "Copy" button to access your apps.


For prototyping APIs, this tab shows all the REST APIs contained in your KB and allows you to view and interact with them from inside the IDE. It uses Swagger UI for this.