GeneXus X Deprecated Functions

Unofficial Content

Deprecated Functions are all those functions, methods or rules that still work in the current version, but won't be supported in the future. So, it is advisable to substitute them with the new ones.

Deprecated Functions in GeneXus X:

  • Allownulls()
  • DeleteFile()
  • Hidden()
  • Nocheck() - Noread()
  • Udf()
  • Xmlend()
  • Xmlraw()
  • Xmlstart()
  • UseAutomation()


This function is considered deprecated despite it can still be used when the Nullable Attribute property is set as "Compatible".

It is advisable to change the Nullable property as "Yes" or "No" and delete the rule. Probably in this case the expected value is "Yes".


This function is no longer supported since GeneXus X. Please, use the Delete method.

For example:

&File.Source = "file name"



This rule is no longer generated. Now, just add the attributes into the Grid with the Visible property in False. For FreeStyle Grids, the property must be set by code (Attribute.Visible = 0)

Nocheck() - Noread()

In knowledge bases coming from previous versions of GeneXus you can usually see the use of nocheck/noread rules in objects. In many of these cases, they were defined as a result of not having the suitable subtype groups available. This situation should be reviewed and corrected.


Deprecated since GeneXus 9.0. You may substitute its definition using UDP.


This ExcelDocument data type method was aimed to determine how ExcelDocument should be created.Since GeneXus X, this behavior is determined automatically from the implementation installed. If there exists more than one option installed in the same enviroment, they will be considered in this order:

  1. POI  (java, C# 
  2. ExcelLite
  3. GXOffice