GeneXus deprecated functions, methods, and rules

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The term "deprecated" is used to refer to features that still work in the current version of GeneXus but won't be supported in the future. Therefore, it is advisable to replace them with the new ones.

In this article, you can find a list of deprecated functions, methods, and rules.

First, take into account that deprecated functions, methods, rules, etc. are shown in the IDE with a different color than non-deprecated ones, as shown below.

DeletedFile function example

Note that the AddMth function is not deprecated while the DeleteFile function is deprecated.

Besides, when trying to save, if deprecated functions/methods/rules are detected, an src0222 message will appear in the output when saving. 

 In addition, when selecting:

  • Insert > Function
  • Insert > Method
  • Insert > Rule

...the deprecated ones are not offered.

Deprecated functions


Deprecated since GeneXus X. Use the Delete method as follows:

&File.Source = "file name"
Udf() Deprecated since GeneXus 9.0. Use the Udp method instead.
GxCalculate() Deprecated since GeneXus 15.
GxCopyFile() Deprecated since GeneXus 15.
GxNewFile() Deprecated since GeneXus 15.
GxSelColor() Deprecated since GeneXus 15.
GxSelDir() Deprecated since GeneXus 15.
GxSelFile() Deprecated since GeneXus 15.
GxSelFont() Deprecated since GeneXus 15.
GxSelPict() Deprecated since GeneXus 15.
GxSelPrn() Deprecated since GeneXus 15.
LoadBitmap() Use the FromURL method instead.
After(Attribute) Deprecated since GeneXus 8.0. Use the Dependencies clause instead.
Old() Use the GetOldValue method instead.

Deprecated rules


This rule is deprecated. It can still be used when the Nullable property is set as "Compatible".
It is advisable to change the Nullable property to "Yes" or "No" and delete the rule. Probably, in this case, the expected value is "Yes".


This rule is no longer generated.
You can achieve the same behavior by adding the attributes to the Grid and setting their Visible property = False.
When working with a Free Style Grid control, the Visible property must be set by code (Attribute.Visible = 0).

Nocheck() / Noread() 

In knowledge bases coming from old versions of GeneXus, you can usually see the use of Nocheck() / Noread() rules in objects.
In many cases, they were defined as a result of not having suitable subtype groups available. This situation should be reviewed and corrected.

Deprecated methods

Return method from SDActions external object Deprecated since GeneXus 15. Use the Return command instead.
GetResponse() Deprecated since GeneXus 15.
ScanBarcode() Deprecated since GeneXus X Evolution 2 Upgrade 3. Use the Scanner external object instead.
DrawGeoLine() Use the DrawGeography method instead.