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GeneXus Objects

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Knowledge Base is made up of the following types of GeneXus Objects:


You can define the following object types:


Regardless of the object being defined, you will be asked to enter certain information regarding the object.


Specifies the object's name (string).

The Significant object name length property determines the valid length name. Note that the name cannot contain blank spaces. Names may be made up of alphabetic, numeric and underscore '_' characters, starting with an alphabetic character.

A default name is suggested for the object to be created. It consists of the object type as prefix plus a sequential number that increases for successive creations; e.g.: Transaction1, WebPanel1, Transaction2, BPDiagram1, etc.


Enables the designer to clarify the object's function with a brief description (string), though it is not strictly required. The total Description's length cannot exceed 256 characters; spaces can be nested within the description.

This description will be used later as the:

  • Title for the object's default Form.
  • Entry in the Application Designer and Program Manager Menus while selecting the objects to be designed.
  • Entry in the Execution Menus corresponding to the Objects to be executed.
  • Default values for Menu Texts.


The concept of GeneXus Object has nothing to do with OOP objects.