User Task Properties

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These properties help you to define the behavior of a Tasks, in a Business Process Diagram.

SD Application
Visible in history
Subject Rule
Nodo Advanced Properties
       Optional Routing Type
       Request Comments
       Work With Documents
       Send e-mail
       Strong Syncronization
       Skip Predecessors
       Enable Deferred Completion
       Consult Application
       Consult SD Application
       Preview Application
Nodo Dynamic Forms
       Dynamic forms declaration type
       Application form
       Preview form
       Consult form
Nodo Statistics
       Estimated activity duration
Nodo Automatic Assignment Conditions
       Reassign when loop
       Assign to process owner
       Load Balancing
       Assign to previous user
       Assign from a user in a relevant data
       Assign to the same user who executes a previous task
       Assign to default user
Nodo Inbox Behaviour
       Disable Next
Nodo Post Conditions
       PostConditional Procedure
Nodo History Security
       Security in history
Nodo Collaboration
       Allow Collaboration
Nodo Delegation
       Allow Delegation
Nodo Adaptability
       Compensation application
       Enable Skip
       Selectable for ad-hoc
       Is ad-hoc
Nodo Looping      
       Loop Type
Nodo Event Handling
       On Assignment Change
       On Deadline
       On Warning
       On New Instance
       On Priority Change
       On Resource Non Available
       On State Change