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Here is a list of the fixes made in each version of the protection.

9.5.12 Support for GeneXus X Evolution 3 full licenses.
When transferring a License the transferred License is logged (useful for troubleshooting). See SAC 35330.
Fixed error when transferring a License that has an extension of days, the expired license is transferred instead of the active license. See SAC 35156.
Fixed issue that caused the message "Product successfully authorized" to appear when the license failed to install, this could happen when the signature validation fails. The message is now displayed as "Bad site key, signature verification failed". See SAC 35066.
Fixed change of restrictions when Transferring a License that started as temporal and changed restrictions to a Full license. See SAC 34875.
Now when Centralized Licensing Management Scheme is enabled and the user is not authorized, a descriptive warning will be displayed:

WarningGXProtAdmin Uninstall nominated license bug fixed. Uninstall nominated license bug fixed. GxServer error: Attempted to read or write protected memory. The server threw an exception. License end date is wrongly updated on transfer operation. See SAC 37570. 'Unknown product' when using GXserver license tab. See SAC 37727. 'Suspended license' error fixed in several situations. Suspended, authorization data changed. See SAC 37079. Support for GeneXus for SAP Systems license added. GeneXus 15 Upgrade 8 Protection Changes. GXflow Corporate license added. Chatbot generator license added. Angular generator license added.
Transfer of multiple license types support added. SAC 47163. Support for GeneXus 18.


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