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On iOS 7 Overview, pictures have two modes to be drawn, Original and Template, there is also a third mode called Automatic wich works depending the context.



Automatic (Default)

Depending on the context where it is used, the image has diferent behaviour. If it is used in the toolbar, tabs or buttons, it behaves as if Template was selected. Otherwise it behaves as if Original was chosen.

 Original The image will be drawn as is (Using all the color channels and the alpha).
Template Only the alpha channel of the image will be used and the 100% opaque pixels will be painted of the Key Color.


This property applies only at design-time.


Original Template
iOS 7 Rendering Mode Original  iOS 7 Rendering Mode Template


Rendering Mode is available for iOS as of  GeneXus X Evolution 2 Upgrade 4 for iOS 7.


Objects     Image object

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