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You can create customers on Stripe. They are useful for identifying the buyer of a product, creating subscriptions, or performing recurring charges associated with the same customer.


  • You should have your own Customer DataBase, where you also store the customer's Stripe Id (returned in the response when creating a customer object), used to manage customers on Stripe's platform.
  • Stripe does not check for repeated E-Mails, so you must do so (there can be more than one customer with the same E-Mail on Stripe's platform).

To create a customer use:

  • Create Options: StripeCustomerCreateOptions
  • Response: StripeCustomerCreateResponse
  • Errors: StripeError

To update a customer use:

  • Update Options: StripeCustomerUpdateOptions
  • Response: StripeCustomerUpdateResponse
  • Errors: StripeError

To retrieve a customer use:

  • Response: StripeCustomerRetrieveResponse
  • Errors: StripeError

To delete a customer use:

  • Response: StripeCustomerDeleteResponse
  • Errors: StripeError

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