Stripe Notifications

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You can be notified when an event happens in your account. It is done using webhooks. 

To do so, you must create a new procedure in GeneXus: Main program, and HTTP call protocol.

Then you can get the data sent by Stripe using HTTPRequest variable and load it to a StripeEvent SDT. 

Once loaded, you can get the event type, and use a case command to process the notification. In this example, invoice payment success and failure are captured and processed.
You can add a String Response using HTTPResponse.

&NotificationsLog.DateTime = now()
&JSON = &HTTPRequest.ToString()

&parameters = &StripeEvent.type.SplitRegEx(!"\.")

do case
    case &parameters.Item(1) = "invoice"
        do case
            case &parameters.Item(2) = "payment_succeeded"
                &NotificationsLog.Data = "Success: " + &StripeInvoice.ToJson()    
            case &parameters.Item(2) = "payment_failed"
                &NotificationsLog.Data = "Failure: " + &StripeInvoice.ToJson()    

&Response = "OK"

Important Note: You need to deploy to Cloud so that Stripe is able to reach your URL. Else, an error code will be returned to Stripe and no notification will be processed.