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Warning: The generator is no longer under development.

Platform Restrictions

Below there is a list of known platform restrictions. If you face a restriction not detailed here or want to get earlier access to some specific implementation (already on our roadmap), do not hesitate to contact us: info at so we can discuss it. Currently components for third-party partner are not supported.

Project Size

There is a size restriction when compiling a WeChat Mini Program project, the final package uploaded to the platform must be less than 3MB. If you meet this restriction during prototyping, will need to prune the call tree and remove the least used/important components.


It is only possible to create the default action in the marker. The popup is not shown. When tapping on the marker, it executes the default action directly.
The images to be used must be included in the KB, it is not supported to reference an Image from an Attribute.


Two options are valid for the Progress Indicator; with or without a title. It does not support displaying a description, percent, or CSS settings, all those properties have been added to the object to maintain compatibility with GeneXus.


The properties: --inactive-stars-color and --active-stars-color expect them in filter format; and the --active-stars-shadow-color in rgb.


--active-stars-color: invert(54%) sepia(98%) saturate(1084%) hue-rotate(320deg) brightness(100%) contrast(93%);
active-stars-shadow-color:rgb(0 0 0 / 0.4);


In the Wechat API there is no shareText method available.


Image size of the KB, a filter by image weight is added so as not to copy images that are not supported, currently it is up to 10kb.


Fonts are loaded as URL references. You must set the fonts as GeneXus references using the File object and be accessible from the Back-end. A common use would be to set the extract in the web folder "Resources\fonts".


The SetTheme method cannot be changed at runtime.

Navigation Stack

The default navigation stack is up to 10 panels, more detail here.

Design System Object

There are some restrictions of the platform that cannot be used, the following pattern is not supported because the * wildcard cannot be converted to WeChat Miniprogram wxcss reference.

.AppHeader__Main *
        overflow: hidden !important;

Not Supported

The following components are not supported and are on our route map.

  • GUID datatype
  • Call Options
  • Sockets / GlobalEvents
  • WW Pattern Generation, Transaction CRUD
  • Extensibility via External Objects and User Controls

The following components needs further analysis

  • Live Editing

Generator history

July 6, 2022 - Build # 161840

  • MasterPanel support
  • Components
  • WebBrowser API
  • Canvas improvements
  • Design System support
  • Typescript updated to 4.4.3
  • More support for functions and datatype methods

May 7, 2022 - Public Beta

The Generator got included in the GeneXus Trunk Beta # 160073 and higher versions. 

Oct 2021 / April 2022: Early Adopter Program

An Early Adopter Program was created to support specific projects and KBs.

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