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Similarly to the Angular Generator, the WeChat MiniProgram Generator can divide the application as follows:

  • Front-end, to be uploaded to the platform to start the approval process and provisioned by WeChat.
  • REST Services, to be deployed to an Application Server.
  • Database.

Deploying the Front-end

Make sure you have a WeChatt AppId from the platform, private key and everything is configured correctly from the IDE.

Thoroughly test the application, when is ready you could use the Upload button from the WeChat Mini Program IDE or execute:

cd <KBName>\<TargetEnvironmentFolder>\mobile\WeChatMiniProgram\<MainObject>
npm run upload

Start a review process from the platform using the account associated to your Mini Program. In general, it takes 1-7 business days.

Once the process is successful, you can download the QR codes and materials to share with your users.

Deploying the Services

Create a Deployment Unit object with your Main object and deploy the services like described in Application Deployment tool.


See Export Reorganization for more information.

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