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Wander Nest is an online hotel booking application that allows users to search for and book accommodations in different cities worldwide.

The popular AirBnB platform inspired its design. It shows the power of web UI modeling with GeneXus, the power of the Angular generator, and its extensibility features.


Regarding extensibility, the following UI controls have been developed to get the desired UX:

  • DatepickerX: DatepickerX: Allows users to select date ranges in a simple way with Bootstrap styles.
  • Dropdown: Dropdown: Displays a menu that allows users to choose an option from a list of options.
  • DynamicMenu: Menu of custom dynamic components for GeneXus.

Note: Some of these UI Controls may be standard in future versions of GeneXus. As they have developed specifically for this sample, they may require changes to be standardized. Therefore, compatibility with future versions is not guaranteed..

Note: This sample is only available for Desktop-like screen sizes so far..

Live sample

Angular PWA:

Sources and requirements


KB: WanderNest
License: Apache License 2.0


GeneXus 18 Upgrade 4GeneXus Java Generator or GeneXus .NET GeneratorAngular

Steps to run it




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