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Applies a style to a focused row while navigating a Tabular Grid using the keyboard.


Generators: Angular
Level: Design System Style Class


Suppose your Knowledge Base is named "KBTest", and therefore a predefined Design System Object (DSO) is created with the same name.

In the Styles tab of your "KBTest" DSO, you define the following classes:

styles KBTest
    .Grid {
        gx-grid-selected-row-class: GridRowSelected;
        gx-grid-hover-row-class: GridRowHover;
        gx-grid-focused-row-class: GridRowFocused;
    .GridRow {
        padding: 5px;
        border: 1px solid transparent;
    .GridRowSelected {
        background-color: #32CD32;
    .GridRowHover {
        background-color: #30CCC1;
    .GridRowFocused {
        border: 1px dotted red;

Note the gx-grid-focused-row-class property configured inside the Grid class. It is set to the GridRowFocused class defined by you (which has its border property set to a specific style).

Note: Make sure that in KB Explorer > Customization > Platforms > Any Web Screen, the Style property is set to the KBTestDSO Design System Object.

Create a Panel object (named KBTestPanel) with its Main program property set to True.
Next, drag a Tabular Grid to its Layout and include inside it, for example, the CustomerName attribute to query all the customer names.

gx-grid-focused-row-class sample KBTestPanel1

When running the KBTestPanel, the behavior will be as follows:

gx-grid-focused-row-class sample 2 in Runtime

The currently selected row is highlighted in green. On the other hand, while you navigate through the rows using the keyboard, the focused row is underlined by a border style defined as 1px dotted red (because you gave it that style when setting the gx-grid-focused-row-class property for the Grid class of the DSO).


This property is available since GeneXus 18 Upgrade 9.

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