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GeneXus X Evolution 2 has been released!
Please take a look at GeneXus X Evolution 2 for general info.

If you already know all about the Beta 1 and its latest Night builds  you are on the right place, if not, please take a look at GeneXus X Evolution 2 first.

This page is intended to show just differences between Beta 1 and Beta 2.

The Beta 2

Beta 2 adds to Beta 1 the following

And a lot of fixes and improvements to existing features.

Take a look at the GeneXus X Evolution 2 Samples to get the most out of this version.

Keep following the Twitter hashtag #xev2beta to get instant news.

And now, let's keep making ideas happen!

Steps to update your Beta 1 to  Beta 2

1) Download Beta 2 from

2) Install GeneXus and start it. 

3) Execute <GX Installation directory>\gxruby\win\install.bat (if not: webrick won't start)

4) Remove the target environment directory of your Knowledge Base and Rebuild All. (In some cases you will need to reapply the Smart Devices Pattern to your objects). (if not: your android app won't compile)

5) Enjoy!

6) Learn driven by  Examples.

7) Keep sending feedback to the Beta testers Forum and stay tuned.

Beta 2 Temporary restrictions

  • Android
    • Inline Sections are not supported. They are shown as Tabs.
    • Layouts are only taked into account in list sections.
  • iOS
    • Tab Sections are not supported yet. They are shown as Links.
    • Geo Location Picker is not supported yet.
    • Rating control is not supported yet
    • Transactions with multiple leves can be displayed but don't support insertion (you have to split them)
  • Blackberry
    • SD Scanner and Rating controls are not supported yet

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