Permission Prefix property

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Generates permissions automatically for the Application to which the object belongs.


Objects: Transaction, Business Component, Procedure, Data Provider, Web Panel, Web Component, Work With, Dashboard, Query
Generators: .NET, .NET Framework, Android, Apple, Java


This property is valid in the context of applications where Authorization is going to be checked automatically using GAM. That is to say, Enable Integrated Security property is set to Yes, and Integrated Security Level property is set to "Authorization" value.

At runtime, this permission will be checked automatically when the object is being executed.

Since it is a prefix, it also allows grouping different objects in the Knowledge Base so that all these objects check the same set of permissions (the objects which have the same prefix).

This property accepts any string which follows the syntax for GeneXus object names. The default value is the name of the object.

It is available at object level. Also, it applies to the following types of objects:

Objects for WEB applications:

Objects for Native Mobile applications:

When you specify a permission prefix in any Transaction, a set of permissions is created in the GAM Repository, named:


  • <prefix>_Execute
  • <prefix>_Insert
  • <prefix>_Update
  • <prefix>_Delete

In the case of Business Components exposed as a service, the following permissions are created in the GAM Repository:


  • <prefix>_Services_Execute
  • <prefix>_Services_Insert
  • <prefix>_Services_Update
  • <prefix>_Services_Delete

In the case of Web Panels, Query, and Dashboard objects, after specifying a permission prefix, the following permission is created in the GAM Repository:

  • <prefix>_Execute

All those permissions are automatically assigned to all the applications of the Knowledge Base.

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