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The GeneXus standard classes are a set of routines, written in native code, that are referenced by the generated code. As an example, the code to send an e-mail is not generated in every object that sends e-mails. It is "packed" as part of the Standard Classes and referenced by the generated code.

Every GeneXus Generator has its set of Standard Classes.


Standard Classes in an executable format are distributed on every GeneXus version and are automatically installed.

Source code

Standard Classes source code is _not_ distributed with GeneXus for many generators (see below). .NET Framework and .NET standard classes can be reached from and Java standard classes from


Releases for each GeneXus release


You can download (if required), change and redistribute the Standard Classes source code. For details see


Depending on the generator, those routines are packaged differently.


Refer to and
The already packaged routines are located on the <GeneXus Installation>\gxjava folder as gx*.jar.

.NET Framework and .NET

Refer to and
The already packaged routines are located on the <GeneXus Installation>\gxnet and the <GeneXus Installation>\gxnetcore folders as gx*.dll.

iSeries Native

In order to execute any iSeries (Cobol|RPG) program, you need to install the GeneXus iSeries Library; the standard GeneXus routines used by the GeneXus Cobol and RPG programs.


The GeneXus Standard Classes for Android together with what we call the Android FlexibleClient (which is a set of Android libraries) are packaged in binary format in a Maven Repository inside the GeneXus installation directory (in Android/m2Repository). You may also access the sources (in Android/Sources), modify them and apply changes. For more information on how to modify the FlexbileClient please read the (in Android/Sources).


The GXFlexibleClient framework is the iOS GeneXus standard classes deployed as a framework that is referenced in your Xcode project. You will notice it is copied and installed in the MAC machine during the compilation process. 

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