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The Java Generator Standard Classes with their dependencies are downloaded from the internet and installed automatically when Building any Object. This switches to a package manager scheme that only downloads the necessary binaries via Gradle

Moving the Standard Classes with their dependencies to a cloud package manager provides ease and speed when it is necessary to obtain a HotFix from GeneXus or third parties, since only the Standard Classes will have to be updated and not the entire version of GeneXus. 

In addition, with the properties Standard classes specific version and Standard classes update policy, it is possible to specify the version of the Standard Classes that Gradle should download.  

File names of standard class packages

The names of the *.jar files of the Standard Classes packages contain its version. Thus, for example, if the Standard Classes version is 2.8-SNAPSHOT the package is called gxclassR-2.8-SNAPSHOT.jar


This feature is available since GeneXus 18.


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