Procedures as Rest web services in GeneXus

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The Procedure object can be exposed as a Rest web service through the following configuration:

REST Procedures must be called through HTTP POST method and always use JSON data representation.

The endpoint URI for Procedures is:

<server uri>/rest/<procedure>

​​​​​ If the Procedure belongs to a Module, the endpoint URI is

<server uri>/rest/<module>/<procedure>

For example, if the module is "module2" under "module1", the URL would be: 

<server uri>/rest/module2/module1/<procedure>

When calling the Rest procedure service, the parameters have to be sent to the service in the body of the HTTP request and have to be in JSON format.

Java: The URI always without package name (only with the name of the Procedure).


The parameters have to be in CamelCase in the JSON body (according to the parameters of the parm rule of the Procedure).

With respect to consuming a Rest service (it can be generated by GeneXus or not), GeneXus provides the OpenAPI import tool.


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