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Establishes different criteria for ordering the grid information, allowing the end user to select any of them at any time. 

Thus, it will be a list of several 'Order' items, each one defining order criteria, identified by a name given by the developer, and compound by a list of attributes (ascending or descending). Whether more than one 'order' is specified, at runtime the user will see a combo box with all the named 'orders' to choose.

Orders property - Design time


This property and associated node properties apply only at design-time.

Orders node

Defines which orders will be defined on the grid.

For adding a new order you must:

  1. On the Orders label, right-click, select Add > Order.  
  2. Give it a name (e.g. Neighborhood).
  3. Over the new order node, right-click, Add > Attribute”.
  4. Select the attribute you need (e.g.: NeighborhoodName).
  5. Repeat for each attribute to be added to the order.  

To remove an Order or an attribute from an Order, select the item, right-click, option Delete (or SUPR).

Every Order node defines a set of properties for customizing the ordering behavior.

Name property Order criteria name (defined in step 2).
Break by property Allows control break. False by default.
Break by up to property Available when Break by property is enabled. Indicates when the order is composed of two or more attributes (let suppose: Att1, Att2, ..., AttN), from first up to what attribute the break will be considered. That is, if we say it is up to Att2, the grouping criteria will be by Att1, Att2. The other attributes(from Att3 to AttN) will be used only for order proposes inside each group (and not for grouping itself). 
Description attribute property Available when Break by property is enabled. Refer to Description attribute.
Enable Alpha Indexer property  Refer to Enable Alpha Indexer Property. False by default.

Each Order node defines a set of Attribute nodes which have three properties each one. 

Attribute property Attribute name for which the sort criteria will apply (selectable by select icon).
Description property  Refer to Description property.
Ascending property Sort ascending. True by default. 

Break By node

Defines múltiple control breaks by adding one or more attributes without caring the order listed.
This node has one property for indicating the attribute which describes the breaking.

Description Attribute property  Refer to Description attribute.

For adding a new order you must:

  1. On the Orders label, right-click, select Add > Attribute.
  2. Select the attribute will participate in the control break.  

Each Attribute node under a Break By node will have only one property for changing an attribute in the break by without removing it. 

Attribute property  Attribute name for which the break criteria will apply (selectable by select icon)


Based on the grid displayed during the introduction, the runtime behavior of such control will be as follows.

Orders property - Runtime


Objects Work With pattern and Work With objectPanel objectWork With for Web pattern
Controls Grid control (in Smart Devices), 'Orders' node in Work With for web instance file

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