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GeneXus 15 Beta 2 is a major step towards GeneXus 15. 
Beta 2 was released on March 10 at #GXMX

This page states the news since GeneXus Salto Beta 1.

It ships code generation for Windows 10, improves Web Mobile User Experience, Build performance in .NET and Android, and big news in Team Development: GXserver ships a new UI (internally called 'Toledo') and improved performance for commit and updates. 

Main News

  • Responsive Web Design and Mobile Web User Experience improved
  • Team Development with the brand new Toledo
  • SDT generation performance improvement in .NET (Java coming soon).
  • New charts allow adopting new strategies for data visualization and Reporting in GeneXus. Reporting in GeneXus 15
  • Windows Generator adds cross-platform generation for the whole Windows 10 platform
  • Swift Generator replaces Objective-C generator
  • Live Editing in Web, Android, like it already was in iOS in Beta 1.
  • GeneXus 15 Smart Devices Generator contains news for UX, Build Performance, and other improvements. There is specific news for iOS 9 and Android 6 too.
  • Now others can integrate easily which your business framework since the REST API of your solution is described using Swagger.
  • Support for SAP Hana DB added (It is a highly scalable, performant in-memory relational database)

Other Features and improvements

  • Modeling
  • IDE
    • New editor for Responsive Web Design
    • Improved output window
    • New error codes for syntax errors
    • With a similar effect to Live Editing, Query Object's Preview shows live previews while changing pivot table related properties
  •   Language
    • Variables based on Properties SDT support ToJson and FromJson methods
    • New: Methods for easier string handling: Substring, StartsWith, EndsWith, Contains, CharAt
    • New: Methods of Business Components: Insert, Update, InserOrUpdate
    • New: Methods of Business Component Collections:  Insert, Update, InserOrUpdate, Delete
    • Query object references and parameter naming improved
  • Navigation improvements
    • Some "spc0038: There is no index for order" specification warnings will not appear any more because of navigation improvements
    • ServerDate() and ServerNow() are executed inline in SQL sentences
    • Aggregations (subtotals) calculation improved (or fixed) in some cases
    • Many navigation issues related to joins on FKs that have NULLS=Yes
  • Build Process
    • In .NET, the SDT build process is up to 3 times faster. SDTs are generated with a new technology, you will notice a new section regarding SDTs generation un the build output
    • In Android, build time has been improved; to build, Gradle is used instead of ANT.
  • Web 
  • Smart Devices
  • Android or iOS-specific
  • .NET Specific
    • SMTPSession uses internally a c# native implementation.
  • Java Specific. See GeneXus 15 Java Generator
  • Dynamic menus using GAM. See also Howto: Define a Menu using GAM.
  • GeneXus Cloud Tools are built-in now! A free Sandbox has been prepared so that you can try it out. Be the first to do F6 with Salto!
    GeneXus Salto Night builds are including their latest development version now. 
    To get the latest stable version, access


For conversion steps and compatibility issues please refer to GeneXus 15 Compatibility Section

Changes in Software Requirements