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This is GeneXus' Beta Channel. Here you get insight to upcoming features, features that require feedback from the battlefield, from beta testers with real projects, to improve their functionalities and robustness, to make them ready for production purposes. 

Usually, they get released in upcoming GeneXus 16 upgrades, depending on the maturity and quality they achieve and of course - depending on your feedback.

These are the Features, now in Beta

These features are ready to get early feedback.

Import from Sketch

Integrate with your Design team, let them export their Design done using Sketch and import that Design to GeneXus. It creates automatically panels, stencils and more

Available to beta test now!

F5 to Docker 

Is Production Linux? Why should Prototype be different?

Available to beta test now!

GeneXus M

It's a lightweight, cross-platform IDE for GeneXus.

Available to beta test now!

Design Systems -> DesignOps: Integration with Sketch

Seamlessly easy integration of the Design System, made in Sketch, into GeneXus.

Available to beta test soon!

Progressive Web Applications (PWA)

Just set a property at your Main Panel and you get a PWA

Available to beta test soon!

Image manipulation API

Image manipulation is a quite common task in Smart Devices applications. Actions that are common include: resizing, scaling, rotating, cropping, flipping horizontally and vertically, etc.

To let you perform these actions on images, GeneXus adds some functions to the Image data type.

How to Participate

1) Agree on rules About BuildsAbout Beta Versions

2) Get Involved in three steps.

  1. Subscribe to the GeneXus Beta Testing program
  2. Download GeneXus Beta from that site

3) Share your questions, doubts, experience with other beta testers and the GeneXus Team via web through the GeneXus Beta Testers Channel or via email beta at Subscribe at

How to Stay Tuned:

1) Get the latest build from

2) Receive announcements and follow-ups through

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