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The gRPC services are implemented in GeneXus through the API object

Unlike the REST API, the gRPC API offers more security and speed, so it proves ideal for cases where there is need, for example, to send a significant volume of data several times.  

Another case where gRPC may be used is when you already have gRPC in the service and you wish to add another service. In that case, due to compatibility or corporate policy aspects, the service should be gRPC. 

For more cases of use go to gRPC services

The implementation process of gRPC services in GeneXus is described in detail in Implementation of gRPC services, but you should keep in mind the following restrictions:

  1. Despite the identical syntax, the RestPath and RestMethod annotations do not apply to gRPC.
  2. The service has one single name in gRPC. 
  3. The call to gRPC services requires native programs declared in GeneXus as external objects.
  4. REST API and gRPC API have independent implementations. 
  5. gRPC services are not secured by GAM (and the corresponding API object properties). They must be secured by other means (infrastructure or additional programming).


This functionality is available as Beta since GeneXus 18 upgrade 1.

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