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Below are several considerations to keep in mind when using API objects.

Considerations when generating with the .NET generator

PUT and DELETE methods are not enabled by default in the Internet Information Services Manager configuration.

This video shows how to do so:


Considerations when generating with the Java generator

The names of the parameters are case-sensitive, as you can see in SAC#49817.
In other words, the use of uppercase or lowercase letters must be respected when parameters are defined and used.

Considerations when generating with the .Net Framework Generator

To use the verb OPTIONS, see SAC 47447

Considerations when deploying the application

It could be important to set the properties such as Web Root and Protocol specification with the appropriate values to make it work in the target Environment.

If the default values are "http://localhost/baseurl/" and "HTTP", respectively, you should set the Environment properties according to the executing Environment before calling the service.  


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