Integration with GeneXus 16

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The ease of integration that our systems have with others is fundamental and has always been a key value of GeneXus.

Artificial Intelligence

GeneXus 16 brings a unified API for accessing the algorithms and computing power that providers like IBM Watson, Microsoft Cognitive Services and SAP Leonardo offer. With GeneXus, you get a multiplatform definition that allows you to integrate simultaneously with any of these providers, achieving the best of each one, in each scenario.

More Information: GeneXus Artificial Intelligence

GeneXus for SAP Systems

Another great integration work has been done with SAP. We now have a special edition of GeneXus (GeneXus for SAP Systems) that serves as a spearhead to create solutions for the SAP ecosystem. GeneXus solutions allow to extend its ERP functionalities, connect to SAP Hana (its DBMS), publish applications on SAP Cloud, follow the Fiori design system guides and furthermore allow you to take advantage of the artificial intelligence services of SAP Leonardo.

More Information: GeneXus for SAP Systems

OData Services

A great advance has been made in the integration with services. OData is a protocol to expose a data model as an API. Whoever uses this data model, can perform CRUD operations on the entities, which are services, of that model.

In GeneXus 16, you can import a model like this, exposed by some system, in order to integrate with it. The interesting thing is that the imported services are defined as data view and transaction objects, so you can access those external services with a for each command or by dragging attributes to a panel. That is a huge increase in productivity.

More Information: OData Support in GeneXus

Streams & Bi-Directional Communication

To facilitate bi-directional communication and thus provide greater fluidity between client and server in a solution, for example in Chats, GeneXus 16 includes a Socket API.

Also to provide and consume information, but designed for communication between solutions, includes an API for Apache Kafka.

More Information: Kafka Producer and Consumer External ObjectsServer.Socket external object


At the level of notifications, we improved the integration with OneSignal and added the JPush provider for the Chinese market.

More Information: Notification Provider API


And then, we have been adding new APIs for different payment methods, according to their regional popularity.

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