Security in GeneXus 16

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The amplitude of channels, the multiple components to integrate, and the increasing complexity in the solutions imply a growing care in security.

Data Protection

In this aspect, one of the most important things to protect is the data of the solutions and in that aspect, GeneXus 16 protects better sensitive data, like read-only variables that are on the screen.
In Smart devices applications, we added encryption of the offline DB and the obfuscation of the code.

More Information: Security Web Development tips, Encrypt Offline Database property Obfuscate Application property

SSO with OAuth 2.0 providers

For greater interoperability, solutions made with GeneXus 16 that use GAM can be integrated with any generic OAuth 2.0 provider such as Office 365 Instagram, LinkedIn, MercadoLibre for authentication purposes and single-sign-on.

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