DevOps with GeneXus 16

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GeneXus 16 proposes improvements in the process of creating solutions, specifically facilitates the adoption of a DevOps culture or practices.
When you want to have a cycle of integration or continuous release is necessary to orchestrate the process, stop publication when some error occurs, notify those responsible in each case, among others.

Pipeline Control

One of the most popular tools for this at the moment is Jenkins, and there is a developed add-in that facilitates the integration with this tool.

More Information: How to create a unit test and add a task using the GeneXus Jenkins Plugin

Unit Testing

At the level of Testing, GeneXus 16 incorporates a Unit Testing facility integrated into the IDE, so any developer can create their unit tests easily and execute them.

The automation of the execution of these unit tests in a CI / CD cycle will be associated with GXtest 4.

More Information: Unit Testing, Creating Unit TestsCI / CD integration for Unit Tests

Deployment, Docker, and Serverless

At the Deployment level, you can now deploy Docker Containers from GeneXus. And besides being able to publish the application in platform-as-a-service environments, you can now publish processes or REST APIs in serverless environments such as AWS Lambda and AWS API Gateway.

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And so that the same container or package can run with different configurations or against different DBMSes depending on whether the environment is prototype or production, the applications now allow reading the configuration from environment variables, following good practices in this regard.

More Information: ConfigurationManager external objectApplication Configuration using Environment Variables

Logging (Log4net, Log4J)

We have extended the GeneXus language and now you can write logs, specifying topics. This facilitates the troubleshooting and monitoring in an important way and then allows the analysis of those logs with standard tools of the market.

More Information: Log external object