MercadoPago Troubleshooting

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This page summarizes some of the errors and common issues that you may be encountered in runtime using the GeneXus SDK for Mercado Pago.

Create Payment

Invalid transaction_amount

Problem: When creating a Payment using PaymentCustomCheckout.CreatePayment, this message error is returned:

  "message": "Invalid transaction_amount",
  "error": "bad_request",
  "status": 400,
  "cause": [
      "code": 4037,
      "description": "Invalid transaction_amount",
      "data": null


  • The value for &PaymentSDT.transaction_amount is too small. For instance, paying with credit card returns that error for an amount less than $15.


Invalid User involved

Problem: When creating a Customer using MercadoPago.Users.CreateCustomer, this message error is returned:

   "message":"invalid parameters ",
         "description":"invalid users involved"

Cause/Solution: The buyer's e-mail address corresponds to a Test User and the seller credentials not.

Native Mobile Checkout - MercadoPagoCheckout.GetCardToken

Could not find identification type

The error occurs when exchanging the card data for a token, through the MercadoPagoCheckout.GetCardToken method.

The cause of the error is that the Access Token and Public Key properties are not properly set on the Main Mobile object. The values must match those specified in the Procedure GetAccessToken and GetPublicKey, respectively.