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What is GeneXus SDK for MercadoPago?

GeneXus SDK for MercadoPago is a GeneXus Module that can be imported into your KB with the aim of interop with Mercado Pago API.

It has several sub-modules with the API plus several samples that will be useful to get started using MercadoPago in your GeneXus application.

The SDK contains several procedures that are used to access MercadoPago's functionality.

How to start using MercadoPago's SDK?

  • Create a new KB using GeneXus 16.
  • Then go to the menu option 'Create KB From Server' and select this KB Mercado Pago Checkout - Sample for Smart Device
  • Build All to start familiarizing with the SDK. 
  • Under the 'Sample' module you will find some objects that allow you to test all the main functionalities described in this documentation: Basic and Custom Checkout, Subscriptions, etc. 
  • Test Seller and Buyer Users (for Mexico) have been set to be able to run the app and test a transaction's full cycle.
  • Once you have decided to integrate this SDK into your system, export the MercadoPago module and import it into your KB (we are making some changes to export it through Package Module)

Note that to use notifications, you need to deploy your application on a public domain, if not, MercadoPago will not be able to access your notifications URL. You can test it using Deploy to cloud property.

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