MercadoPago Subscriptions

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Mercado Pago subscriptions allow you to receive recurring payments by credit and debit card
(We use the term 'credit card' in this document to refer to either credit or debit cards).

You can find complete information about Subscriptions on the Mercado Pago developer site.
In this document, we will highlight some important points and how to access the Mercado Pago API resources using the GeneXus SDK for Mercado Pago.


The basic information that a subscription contains is the title or description, an amount, and the frequency of payment, as well as the means of payment.


You can integrate a Subscription directly or from a Plan (it's like a template). The first approach is useful when the characteristics of the subscription differ for each buyer while having a previous Plan makes it easier to integrate subscriptions that apply to several buyers, for example, the monthly payment of a service that is the same for all.  

You can define several plans.

Credit Card

For a subscription to be active / authorized, the buyer must have entered their credit card at least once, in the seller's site/app.

The form used to enter the payment method as well as the card information must meet certain basic security requirements.
Here, the developer has the option of using a fully customized form (GeneXus SDK includes the necessary components for this) or he can delegate entering the payment method to the MercadoPago site (integration with the MercadoPago front-end).

Once the card is entered, you can obtain their token, which is the input to integrate the subscription.

Next, we will see the two integration mechanisms.

The first one redirects the user to MercadoPago’s website, where MercadoPago handles the payment process, while the second one keeps the user on the seller’s site during all the transactions.