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Code that is run when dropping content from another control.


Event <control>.Drop(&parameter1, &parameter2, ..., &parametern)





The name of the form control over the drop operation is performed.


Can only be variable. Each parameter will be loaded with the corresponding value from the Drag operation (from a grid with Allow Drag property or another control with Drag event in Web coded). If you are intending to drop information from a grid whose Allow Drag property is set (without having coded its Drag event), then the drop parameters (&parameter1, &parameter2, ..., &parametern) have to match exactly (in name and datatype) with n columns of the source grid. The columns order is not relevant. If any parameter is a SDT, the match is only by datatype, not by name.


Code associated with the event. The parameters will be used in order to take some action based on that data received from Drag operation

Note: There is no difference between the navigation of any user event and the navigation of the Drop Event/Drag Event. The rules that apply to the former also apply to the latter.



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