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This pages describes the new features regarding exclusively the Java Generator. This means, features which doesn't apply to other generators or features which already were implemented in others and now are also included in Java.
Finally it also includes all known compatibility issues (regarding this generator) with previews versions.

This generator contains the same windows features than in GeneXus 9 and web features than GeneXus X.

New Features:

  • improvements in the compilation process.
  • Enterprise Java Beans: A MessageBean can now be called from another GeneXus knowledge base using Queue Data Type. This couldn`t be
    done before because Queue data type is based on TextMessage type messages and EJB's allowed
    MapMessage type messages only.
    Now if an EJB has only one character parameter (char, varchar o LongVarchar) this MessageBean can be called using MapMessage or TextMessage (so it can be called using GX Queue Data Type).

Take a look at GeneXus X Java Generator and GeneXus 9.0 Java Generator

Compatibility issues:

  • GeneXus standard classes were compiled with java 1.5 so as from this version JDK 1.5 or higher is required. (JDK version apply only at compilation time, generated code is always the same).

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