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The TimeZones Domain was extracted from the list of tz database timezones. The list is not extensive. Several values were removed for simplicity.

It is intended to be used when programming (i.e. TimeZones.Cairo instead of "Africa/Cairo"), for filling Combos/Lists controls, etc.

If the value you need is not in the domain and you need it for programming purposes, you may either:

  • Add the value to the domain. If so, new GeneXus versions may overwrite your changes.
  • Use the Convert method of Enumerated Domains Methods and Properties. For example: &NewDateTime = TimeZones.Convert( "America/Puerto_Rico").

TimeZones domain values

Name Description Value
Cairo Africa/Cairo Africa/Cairo
Johannesburg Africa/Johannesburg Africa/Johannesburg
Lagos Africa/Lagos Africa/Lagos
Anchorage America/Anchorage America/Anchorage
Buenos_Aires America/Argentina/Buenos_Aires America/Argentina/Buenos_Aires
Asuncion America/Asuncion America/Asuncion
Bogota America/Bogota America/Bogota
Caracas America/Caracas America/Caracas
Chicago America/Chicago America/Chicago
Denver America/Denver America/Denver
Godthab America/Godthab America/Godthab
Guatemala America/Guatemala America/Guatemala
Halifax America/Halifax America/Halifax
Los_Angeles America/Los_Angeles America/Los_Angeles
Mexico_City America/Mexico_City America/Mexico_City
Montevideo America/Montevideo America/Montevideo
New_York America/New_York America/New_York
Noronha America/Noronha America/Noronha
Phoenix America/Phoenix America/Phoenix
Santiago America/Santiago America/Santiago
Santo_Domingo America/Santo_Domingo America/Santo_Domingo
Sao_Paulo America/Sao_Paulo America/Sao_Paulo
St_Johns America/St_Johns America/St_Johns
Baghdad Asia/Baghdad Asia/Baghdad
Beirut Asia/Beirut Asia/Beirut
Damascus Asia/Damascus Asia/Damascus
Dhaka Asia/Dhaka Asia/Dhaka
Dubai Asia/Dubai Asia/Dubai
Jerusalem Asia/Jerusalem Asia/Jerusalem
Kabul Asia/Kabul Asia/Kabul
Karachi Asia/Karachi Asia/Karachi
Katmandu Asia/Katmandu Asia/Katmandu
Kolkata Asia/Kolkata Asia/Kolkata
Rangoon Asia/Rangoon Asia/Rangoon
Shanghai Asia/Shanghai Asia/Shanghai
Tehran Asia/Tehran Asia/Tehran
Tokyo Asia/Tokyo Asia/Tokyo
Yerevan Asia/Yerevan Asia/Yerevan
Azores Atlantic/Azores Atlantic/Azores
Cape_Verde Atlantic/Cape_Verde Atlantic/Cape_Verde
Adelaide Australia/Adelaide Australia/Adelaide
Brisbane Australia/Brisbane Australia/Brisbane
Darwin Australia/Darwin Australia/Darwin
Sydney Australia/Sydney Australia/Sydney
GMT_12 Etc/GMT_12 Etc/GMT_12
GMT_2 Etc/GMT_2 Etc/GMT_2
Berlin Europe/Berlin Europe/Berlin
Helsinki Europe/Helsinki Europe/Helsinki
Istanbul Europe/Istanbul Europe/Istanbul
London Europe/London Europe/London
Auckland Pacific/Auckland Pacific/Auckland
Honolulu Pacific/Honolulu Pacific/Honolulu
Noumea Pacific/Noumea Pacific/Noumea
Tongatapu Pacific/Tongatapu Pacific/Tongatapu

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