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GeneXus SDK for MercadoLibre (or Genexus MELI SDK) enables you to access the full web API of Mercado Libre from a GeneXus application.

It hides all the complexity of OAuth, REST, Http, JSON handling and lets you focus on writing your mobile or web application in GeneXus.

To know more about the Mercado Libre API's opportunities and examples from GeneXus see these conferences of #GX25 event:


GeneXus Meli SDK is distributed via GeneXus Server . You can take it from this repository and import it in your GeneXus 15 Knowledge base. 

It has the following modules:

  • Categories    (All functions related with Sites and Categories)
  • Items            (Items related information)
  • Locations     (locations, states, countries, etc)
  • Order           (Order management)
  • Questions    (Q&A management)
  • Shipping      (Shipping handling)
  • Samples      (Some basic functional use cases)
  • Tests           (Test of basic functionality)
  • Definitions  (Here there are all definitions and the connection with the REST Meli API)
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