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In order to integrate with MercadoLibre platform, you first have to create a MercadoLibre Application in their portal.

Here the steps:

1. Enter to

Press 'Application Manager' or 'Go Now' button on 'Create your Application' section:


2. Choose your country site:


3. Fill your account information and create a new application:


  • Set Scopes to read write offline_access (just for test purposes)
  • Set the Redirect URI to:
    • <your host directory>/meli.auth.meliafterlogin.aspx (for .Net)
    • The protocol must be secure (https), otherwise, this error appears: "The callback URL must be a valid URL" 
  • Set the Notifications Callback URL to
    • <Your site base URL>/meli.notifications.areceivenotifications.aspx (for .Net) 
  • Take into account that App ID and your Secret Key will be required in some function calls later.



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