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As you probably note in the List an Item in MercadoLibre example you as a programmer will need several pieces of information about different entities of Mercado Libre. 

What is the right site code to post the item? What is the right category? What are the attributes, the country, the state, etc.?

In order to solve how to know easily what are the codes for these entities, GeneXus provides a Developer Explorer where you can check all this information and more.

In the Developer Explorer you can get all the information related to a Meli Site, so you can start programming with the right codes using the Meli API. To start exploring now follow this link:

The Explorer was created using the GeneXus Meli SDK as a proof of concept, and you have access to all these panels in the Samples module of the Knowledge Base, under the WWSites folder.

Here some screenshots:

Sites List


Site Categories List for MLU (Uruguay)


Site Payment Methods for MLU (Uruguay)



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