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What is GeneXus SDK for MercadoLibre?

GeneXus SDK for MercadoLibre (or GxMeli) is a GeneXus Module that can be imported in your KB.

Basically, it has several sub-modules with the API plus several samples that will be useful in order to get started using GxMeli.

You can get the Knowledge Base from here

Understanding SDK Objects 


If you explore the KB you will find several Procedures (more than 70) that give the developer a programmatically strong typed way of access to any MercadoLibre functionality.

Each Procedure has a description that explains what is the action to accomplish when calling it.

The Procedures are strongly typed with descriptive names in their parameters. All of them returns a HttpCode that return a 0 value when success.


In terms of data structures, GxMeli just includes two Transactions:

  • MeliAPI. It is a Transaction for internal use only, here GxMeli holds all the API definitions.
  • User. It has all the information about the users using GxMeli, for instance, name, nickname, and password.
  • Session. For user sessions. Private services like List or Publish an Item require an access token. They are stores in this table for each user.

How to start using GxMeli?

Then build all your KB. At this moment (Oct 2015) only .Net generator was tested.

If you are going to use authenticated services (for instance List an Item), then your webapp needs to be deployed on public server. You could use Deploy To Cloud option for prototyping.

You are ready to start integrating Mercado Libre in your KB.

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