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Guideline 2.1 Keyboard Accessible states that all functionality should be made available from a keyboard.

For people with disabilities, it is important to have the entire functionality of a website accessible through the keyboard. For this reason, web content should also be keyboard-accessible.

In GeneXus, use the Function Keys (SAC #19811), and the Function keys for standard events.

In addition, it should be possible to move the focus to all the navigation elements of the page. Use the Field exit property to control the key combination to move to the next navigation element.

When the user moves through the navigation elements, the focus positioning is the browser default, but it can be changed programmatically using the IsValid Event for Web Applications and the SetFocus method.

The Focus control property allows determining where the focus is automatically positioned when the page is loaded. It can be in the first input control on a plain level Form (non-read-only controls); also, the position of the focus can be left up to the Browser.

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