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This article describes the WEB functionalities of the GeneXus 15 version of EventDay.

This is a sample application for events, where the community can schedule and view information about the conferences, speakers, rooms and general information related to the event. So, you can:

  • Select your favorite conferences. GeneXus Access Manager (GAM) is used to be able to synchronice the favorites of the user selected in the SD app to those selected in the Web app.
  • See all the information about the speakers, rooms, sessions.

The sample has two Web main objects:

  • Home web panel.
    This is the entry point for the Backend of the application. It's composed of Work with for Web objects.
  • Sessions web panel. This is the main panel of the Frontend.

Both, the Backend and the Frontend, follow the guidelines of Responsive Web Design and use the Carmine Theme.


eventDaySpeakers XS

GeneXus features

Feature KB Version Objects
Responsive Web Design Trunk The Backend (Home web panel) as well as the Frontend (Sessions web panel), follow the RWD guidelines.
Web Navigation Bar Trunk RWDMPEventDay Master Page.
CallOptions Target for Web (web slide navigation) Trunk RWDMPEventDay Master Page.
Horizontal Grid Control Trunk SpeakersPanel Web Panel.
Tab control for Web Panels Trunk Sessions Web Panel.
Tap in Tables. Trunk Sessionscomponent Web Component.
External Objects for Javascript Trunk RWDMPEventDay Master Page. ChangeOnScroll External Object.
Global Events



Sessionscomponent Web Component.
Auto-register Anonymous User property




Note: The following link may help you if you don't know the steps to build the sample application: HowTo: Take advantage of a KB referenced in this wiki


The Trunk version has been developed and designed for GeneXus 15.

EventDay in action!

This app is the result of generating the KB, as is.

Web View See it in action here.

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