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Indicates the Transaction name or Transaction.Level name to be used as the base table for the Grid / Free Style Grid / Tabular Grid navigation.


Generators: .NET, .NET Framework, Android, Angular, Apple, Java
Controls: Grid, Free Style Grid, Tabular Grid


Although optional, the Base Trn property allows you to declare your navigation intention and improve the specification time (because the algorithm that calculates the Base Table of the control is not executed).

You can indicate a list of Transaction names and/or Transaction levels. In this case, a kind of 'product' between the tables is performed, solving queries that imply navigation over different tables that are difficult to express in another way, or that cannot be solved in a single SQL statement.

Runtime/Design time

This property applies only at design time.


Consider the following Transaction objects:

User            //Transaction 1st. level name
   Role        //Transaction 2nd. level name

Role            //Transaction 1st. level name

The following image shows a Web Panel object that receives a UserId value in its Parm rule and displays, in a Grid control, the roles associated with that user:


Note the Base Trn property is set to User.Role to indicate that the table that must be navigated is the one associated with that Transaction level.

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