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GeneXus X Evolution 2 is specially targeted for the revolution happening around Smart Devices Development and the evolution happening in Web.

It follows the latest technological advances by including a native applications generator for mobile devices with support for the market’s most popular platforms: Android, Blackberry and iOS.

It also includes web generation based on HTML5 and CSS3, automatic deployment to the Cloud and a built-in security system.

All in all it fastens development of global applications with an outstanding, multiplatform and secure User Experience.




Smart devices Application Development - New Smart Devices Generator (Android, BlackBerry, iOS)

There is a revolution around Smart Devices. A new kind of mobile devices (phones and tables) getting more and more popular. This revolutionizes application development too since new kinds of applications are running (and can be built) on these smart devices: Native Task (or Activity) Oriented applications and Consumer applications.

Consumers all over the world choose which smart device to buy and use. On the other side each smart devices manufacturer states its own user interface standards and development languages which makes application development for smart devices even more challenging.

The applications you build, besides running on multiple devices from multiple manufacturers, are applications architectured to be occasionally connected to services - that reside on premises or on the cloud - to get data and metadata, follow devices' user interface standards, are generated and compiled to devices' native language and can of course be uploaded to the different application stores too, if you want.

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Web Application Development - Evolution in  Web Generators (Java, .NET and Ruby)

There is a evolution in browser based applications where HTML5 and CSS3 are the new standards that help to solve some user needs: they expect web applications with extreme user experience, and expect to have them available from browsers of multiple devices with different sizes, features and purposes.

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Build your apps for anyone and get ready for global businesses. Users all around the world may use the applications you build. They speak different languages, they access your apps from anywhere at any time. That's why we included the Runtime Translation feature in the very first version of the Smart Devices Generator (it exists in web already since GeneXus 9!) and why now all your applications you build have TimeZone Support.

Security - New built-in Security Module: GeneXus Access Manager

The vast majority of modern applications need some scheme of authentication/authorization. To cover these aspects, GeneXus provides a role based mechanism to provide the products of a single, centralized scheme of everything related to authentication and authorization of an application.

The GeneXus Access Manager (GAM) provides APIs to manage all the security issues concerning an application. So the security module of any application (web applications and smart devices applications) is provided by GAM, and security controls are also done automatically.

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Easy Prototyping - Click to Cloud

To get software done really fast, we don't just need to develop them, we also need to get them available fast. This is important in web development in general, but specifically when building smart devices applications. We just want to develop the application and to be able to show the cool thing a few seconds later, running right on the device to all our friends.

That's why GeneXus X Evolution 2 features automatic deployment to a webserver in a cloud.

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Improved interaction with GXserver

In order to make teamwork easier, several improvements were done on the GeneXus IDE when interacting with a GXserver instance. Take a look at this page to get an overview of these improvements.

In relation to the GXserver operation itself, a new versioning model was added. If you need to make changes one person at a time choose Lock mode, for those cases when collaborative object edition is suitable, Merge mode is a suitable option.

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Working with GeneXus X Server



GXflow Xev2 BPD and Statistics



More flexibility and power for modeling business processes

The business process modeler now complies with version 2.0 of BPMN giving more expressiveness to model business processes.

We support the XPDL standard which allows import diagrams modeled in other tools that meet this standard. You can also export the diagrams made in GeneXus to XPDL format.

For real-time monitoring of the performance of people, tasks and processes (also known as BAM, Business Activity Monitoring) statistics were integrated in GXflow Client interface.

Integration with the new security module GAM. This allows centralized user management, roles and permissions of both the applications and business processes.

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