GeneXus X Evolution 2 Development Environment

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The GeneXus IDE has undergone a number of improvements to be ready for the GeneXus X Evolution 2 revolution!

New Objects

Brand new objects are available to develop applications with the Native Mobile Generator:

Developer Menu for Smart Devices

A new option Executing From QR Codes from the View menu was added to fasten the development of Smart Devices applications.

Business Process Diagram

The business process modeler complies with the BPMN 2.0 specification, giving more flexibility and power when modeling.

Support for XPDL format was added to exchange diagrams between tools supporting the standard.

A check process control was added to validate well formed diagrams.

For more information check the GXflow X Evolution 2 Release Notes

Query Object

The Query Viewer User Control added support for iOS devices (iPhone and iPad).

For more information check the Query Object in GeneXus X Evolution 2 Release Notes

Object Help

The Object Help allows to insert images and links to other objects; for more information click here.

Navigation Improvements

GeneXus X Evolution 2 Navigation Improvements were included during specification time in order to generate more performant applications.

Team Development

If your Knowledge Base is connected to a GeneXus Server X Evolution 2, check the article GeneXus X Evolution 2 Team Development.


A new Add-Inn Manager was added to browse the GeneXus MarketPlace and integrate third-party features to the IDE seamlessly.

IDE Options

The List Database option was added to the View menu.

A new GXtechnical authentication dialog was added to the Tools menu, needed when Cloud prototyping.