Offline Database Object Navigation Report

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As any GeneXus object, the Offline Database Object specifies a navigation about all the Tables, Conditions, Events, etc that it will access.

This navigation report shows the Event Start navigation ( See Offline Database Object events), and one Event Synchronize navigation for each table synchronized by the Offline Database Object. For each Event Synchronize it shows the conditions that apply to that table, from the conditions specified in the Conditions tab.


For instance, in the Simple Offline Application sample the condition

CustomerStatus = CustomerStatus.Active;

will generate the following Event Synchronize events in the navigation report:

Offline Database Navigation Conditions

Also if there is an Event Start in the Events section like this:

Event Start
    &ClientId = ClientInformation.Id
    For Each
    where DeviceId = &DeviceId
        &SalesAreaId = SalesAreaId

the corresponding navigation of that event will be shown in the Offline Database object navigation:

Offline Database Navigation Events


This feature is available as of GeneXus Tilo Beta 2

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