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GeneXus provides a set of built-in APIs, Structured Data Types, and Domains to manage abstract concepts and interact with different technologies, devices, sensors, etc.

They are currently read-only and encapsulated in modules, all under one: 'GeneXus'. The developer can find them under 'References' in the 'KB Explorer', in the 'Domains' tool window, and in the 'Standard Variables' section.

Built-in modules

Main Benefits

  • It is clear for all the developers that these objects are maintained by GeneXus
  • Making them read-only avoids occasional errors and compatibility issues.
  • Their implementation is already built and is also shipped built-in with GeneXus. So GeneXus does not need to build (specify, generate, compile) them on every KB/Version/Environment.

Some of them have not just been moved to a module but also been renamed to improve usability. But note: Their internal identification (GUID) remains the same in all cases to minimize compatibility issues when migrating from previous versions (eg.: code that referenced "ClientInformation" now automatically references "GeneXus.Client.ClientInformation" ).

Renamed built-in objects

External objects
Previous name New name Module As of
ClientInformation ClientInformation GeneXus.Client Release
ClientStorageAPI ClientStorage GeneXus.Client Release
SDSession ClientStorage GeneXus.Client Release
AnalyticsAPI Analytics GeneXus.Common Release
Clipboard Clipboard GeneXus.Common Release
GeoLocationAPI Geolocation GeneXus.Common Release
- Log GeneXus.Common Upgrade 11
ServerAPI Server GeneXus.Common Release
- Runtime GeneXus.Common Release
ProgressIndicator Progress external object GeneXus.Common.UI Release
- Navigation GeneXus.Common.UI Release
SDActions Actions GeneXus.SD Release
AddressBook Contacts GeneXus.SD Release
Calendar Calendar GeneXus.SD Release
- DeepLink GeneXus.SD Upgrade 6
- DeviceAuthentication GeneXus.SD Upgrade 11
Interop Interop GeneXus.SD Release
NetworkAPI Network GeneXus.SD Release
LocationAPI Beacons GeneXus.SD Release
ScannerAPI Scanner GeneXus.SD Release
- Search GeneXus.SD Release
- WebBrowser GeneXus.SD Upgrade 7
IOSPermissions Permissions GeneXus.SD.iOS Release
AudioAPI Audio GeneXus.SD.Media Release
- AudioRecorder GeneXus.SD.Media Upgrade 5
CameraAPI Camera GeneXus.SD.Media Release
PhotoLibraryAPI PhotoLibrary GeneXus.SD.Media Release
LocalNotifications LocalNotifications GeneXus.SD.Notifications Release
NotificationParamters NotificationParameters GeneXus.SD.Notifications Release
Notifications RemoteNotifications GeneXus.SD.Notifications Release
NotificationConfiguration NotificationsConfiguration GeneXus.SD.Notifications Release
RemoteNotificationResult RemoteNotificationResult GeneXus.SD.Notifications Release
StoreAPI Store GeneXus.SD.Store Release
SynchronizationEventsAPI SynchronizationEvents GeneXus.SD.Synchronization Release
Facebook Facebook GeneXus.Social Release
TwitterAPI Twitter GeneXus.Social Release
SharingAPI Share GeneXus.Social Release
WebNotification WebNotifications GeneXus.Web.Notifications Release


Structured Data Types
Previous name New name Module As of
AnalyticsPurchase AnalyticsPurchase GeneXus.Common Release
GeoLocationInfo GeolocationInfo GeneXus.Common Release
GeoLocationProximityAlert GeolocationProximityAlert GeneXus.Common Release
Messages Messages GeneXus.Common Release
- Configuration Genexus.Common.Notifications Upgrade 3
- Delivery Genexus.Common.Notifications Upgrade 3
- Event Genexus.Common.Notifications Upgrade 3
- LocalizedText Genexus.Common.Notifications Upgrade 3
- Notification Genexus.Common.Notifications Upgrade 3
- Target Genexus.Common.Notifications Upgrade 3
AddressBookContact ContactInfo GeneXus.SD Release
LoginExternalAddionalParameters LoginExternalAddionalParameters GeneXus.SD Release
BeaconInfo BeaconInfo GeneXus.SD Release
BeaconProximityAlert BeaconProximityAlert GeneXus.SD Release
BeaconRegion BeaconRegion GeneXus.SD Release
BeaconState BeaconState Genexus.SD Release
ScannedBarcodes ScannedBarcodes GeneXus.SD Release
- SearchScope GeneXus.SD Release
MediaItem MediaItem GeneXus.SD.Media Release
MediaQueue MediaQueue GeneXus.SD.Media Release
MediaQueueState MediaQueueState GeneXus.SD.Media Release
LocalNotificationsInfo LocalNotificationsInfo GeneXus.Notifications Release
RemoteNotification RemoteNotification GeneXus.Notifications Release
PuchaseReceiptInformation PurchaseReceiptInformation GeneXus.SD.Store Release
PuchaseResult PurchaseResult GeneXus.SD.Store Release
StoreProductCollection StoreProductCollection GeneXus.SD.Store Release
GxSyncrhoEventResultSDT SynchonizationEventResult GeneXus.SD.Synchronization Release
GxSyncrhoEventSDT SyncrhonizationEvent GeneXus.SD.Synchronization Release
GxSynchroInfoSDT SynchronizationInfo GeneXus.SD.Synchronization Release
NotificationInfo NotificationInfo GeneXus.Web.Notification Release


Previous name New name Module As of
GxOfflineEventReplicator OfflineEventReplicator GeneXus.Synchronization Release
- AddDeviceGroups Genexus.Common.Notifications Upgrade 3
- AddDeviceTargetFilter Genexus.Common.Notifications Upgrade 3
- RemoveDeviceGroups Genexus.Common.Notifications Upgrade 3
- RemoveDeviceTargetFilter Genexus.Common.Notifications Upgrade 3
- SendEvent Genexus.Common.Notifications Upgrade 3
- SendEventTargets Genexus.Common.Notifications Upgrade 3
- SendNotification Genexus.Common.Notifications Upgrade 3
- SendNotificationTarget Genexus.Common.Notifications Upgrade 3


Built-in objects without changes (They are not read-only)

The built-in objects listed below have not changed because their purpose is to be customized by the developer.
These objects are under the GeneXus folder of the KB.

Objects unchanged
Name Located folder Object type
Global Events /GeneXus/Common External Object
NotificationsRegistrationHandler /GeneXus/SD/Notifications Procedure
ValidatePurchase /GeneXus/SD/Store Procedure
GxAfterEventReplicator /GeneXus/SD/Synchronization Procedure
GxOnPendingEventFailed /GeneXus/SD/Synchronization Procedure
AppMasterPage /GeneXus/Web Master Page
LinksList /GeneXus/Web Structured Data type
PromptMasterPage /GeneXus/Web Master Page
RecentLinks /GeneXus/Web Web Component
RwdMasterPage /GeneXus/Web Master Page
RwdPromptMasterPage /GeneXus/Web MasterPage
RwdRecentLinks /GeneXus/Web WebComponent




Semantic Domains do not change their names, but they are distributed with the GeneXus module too.


  1. When building, you may get "error: 'GeneXus' version 0.19 cannot be downloaded. Is it a built-in module? Try execute "genexus.exe /install" command. Otherwise, you need to update the module version to an accessible one."
    Solution: Close GeneXus, execute genexus.exe /install, open GeneXus, then the menu Knowledge / Manage Modules and install the highest available GeneXus module.
  2. When importing, you may get "Cannot import '{0}', it is already defined in referenced module '{1}'". 
    Solution: That is not a problem. GeneXus is just preventing importing an object that is already in a referenced module. To get a newer version of that object you may ask the provider for it and install it using the Module Manager.